Covid 19 Virus Impact on

Federal Student Aid

If you’re concerned about your studies or loan repayment, we can help you understand what to do in certain circumstances. We’ll be adding information from financial aid sources for students, borrowers, and parents to this page on a regular basis, so please check back frequently. (as of March 19, 2020)


Student Questions


What if my campus has closed due to coronavirus? Will I be able to finish the term and keep my federal student aid?

Please contact your school. Many institutions are making arrangements (such as take-home assignments or online classes) so students can complete the term.


If my campus is closed or only offering online instruction, will I still get paid for the hours I am unable to work for my Federal Work-Study job?

If you’re unable to work your scheduled hours because of coronavirus-related disruptions (such as school or employer closures or student quarantines), your school may pay you for any scheduled hours or allow you to work by another means—for example, completing work online or remotely, depending on the job. Contact your school for more information.

My mom can't go to her job because of coronavirus, and she doesn't get paid if she doesn't work. This means my financial need has increased. Can I get more financial aid?

Talk to the financial aid office at your school. They have flexibility to work with students to ensure the students are able to stay in school.

Someone in my family has coronavirus, so our whole family has self-quarantined, and I can't attend classes. How can I keep up in school, so I don't fail classes and lose my financial aid?

We encourage you to contact your school’s financial aid office, as well as your academic advisor/coach or program coordinator for additional guidance about your financial aid situation. Your school can tell you your options for continuing in your program of study. Additionally, if you need to take a leave of absence as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, you should speak with your school’s financial aid office.

Many schools have provided detailed coronavirus-related decisions and guidance for students. We encourage you to check your school’s website and verified social media accounts for resources and the latest information about this rapidly evolving situation.

If my school moves classes online, am I going to get less financial aid?

If your school has moved classes to an online format, you must continue to participate in the course work and follow your teacher’s or professor’s instructions to remain eligible for financial aid. If you have questions about the online format, contact your school.


How do I contact my school’s financial aid office if the school is closed?

Check your school’s website for resources and contact information. Your school’s verified social media accounts also may be a good source for the latest information about how to contact your school during this time. While many schools have transitioned face-to-face courses to online instruction, most remain open and available to assist their students with questions.

Source: Federal Student Aid

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