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Best New PSAT and SAT Advice for 2015

Enjoy this podcast from How To Pay for College HQ with Celest Horton as she interviews Laura Gaggioli of Higher Scores Test Prep. This is the best strategy available for understanding the impact of the new SAT and the new aligned PSAT, specifically for the class graduating in 2017.

Lauren Gaggioli of Higher Scores Test Prep returns to talk more about the revamped SAT and PSAT. With the release of more official materials, Lauren is now providing a blueprint for students to follow to prepare for the new PSAT in October 2015.

Lauren also clears up some confusion regarding the score verification. When a student scores high enough to become a National Merit Semi-Finalist they must verify that score with a subsequent SAT. The National Merit Scholarship Corporation has confirmed that a Qualifying Student can verify their score with EITHER the current SAT or the revamped SAT that will be first seen in January of 2016.

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