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Get Organized for College Prep Success

So much to do, so little time! Can being organized help students get admitted; get scholarships and get financial aid? Yes, yes and yes again. The college planning process can be complex, time consuming and layered with procedures, rules and deadlines. The best way to move through the planning successfully, is to become and remain organized. Janet Taylor, well known Professional Organizer, and podcast host, interviewed me, Candace Powell Kinard, EduDreamer Founder and College Access Specialist, on the importance of organization in the college planning process.

In planning for college, time really is money and those who can respond in a timely fashion benefit when they provide accurate information and documents and meet deadlines. Your ability to stay organized in this process can make all the difference. Enjoy this great conversation as Janet and I delve into the issues of how to improve your college planning success through organization.

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