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Avoid College Cost Confusion 

Learn the Real Cost of College
Calculate the Cost of College Attendance
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Candace Powell Kinard
Owner and Executive Consultant, EduDreamer Consulting
College Access and Success Specialist ~ Scholarship Judge  ~ Consultant

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- Parents -

What's causing you sleepless nights? 



and Paying for College

Yep, and most students don't really get how college costs work either.


This FREE Worksheet Will Help!

Watch your family's transformation as you begin to understand the real college cost pieces and learn proven action steps to take!


After Completing This Worksheet With Your Student, You Will Likely….

  • See the Real Benefit of Being Highly Motivated to Apply for Scholarships!

  • Understand That Today, Paying for College is a Team Effort!

  • See Your Student Understand How "The Paying For College" Process and Financial Aid Works And That They Have An Active Role

  • See the impact of loans to see if you can pay for college without loans.

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