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A Whopper of a Scholarship!

Fast food restaurants aren't just for burgers and fries anymore. Many of these companies have, for many years, been committed to serving their communities in a variety of ways that doesn't include food. How about an order of college funding help and a scholarship on the side?!?

Burger King is one of the companies that has been supporting young people in their pursuit of higher education for the last 16 years through their Scholars Program. The Burger King Scholars program is open to non-employee high school seniors as well as high school seniors who are employees and/or children of employees. The basic scholarship is $1,000, but the award could be more if the student qualifies based on specific eligibility requirements.

The key to this message is that the scholarship application is due Thursday, December 15, 2016. A good use of your time right now is to waste no more time and get to the scholarship application!

For the application and more information, visit

Best Wishes!

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